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Using American Sign Language to communicate with preverbal hearing babies and toddlers is one of the most fascinating and fastest growing parenting trends in America.  It has been highlighted on the "Today Show" and has been featured in "USA Today" and "Parents Magazine".  If you haven't heard of it or if you haven't seen a baby or toddler using "Sign" on any of your local outings, you soon will!  Signing is also fun and educational for the whole family.  It is never too late to start communicating in SIGN !   KidzSign offers:
 *Popular Parent Workshops  *4 wk Classes  *Private Lessons  *Inservices for Teachers  *After-School Programs

Fun, Exciting, Educational and Beneficial!  That's what parents and teachers say about using Sign Language with children.  Hold a workshop for friends, family, or caregivers and see how easy it is to start communicating using sign language!